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UGO.02 Digital Exhibition Platform

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

UGO.02 is a digital platform created by the course leader and artist Jonathan Kelham from UCC. It is a place to explore digital art and exhibitions.

During my third year of my BA Fine Art I have been co-curating for UGO.02 as well as having some of my own art exhibited on the platform. I have been able to challenge my digital skills and have had professional conversations with artist exhibiting on the platform.

“ The project space intends to theorise, test and consider the increased focus in digital production and curation in contemporary fine art practice.

The developing output will form a programme of collaborative, temporary, formal and solo research practice projects by students, staff and invited artists.”

[Course leader, Jonathan Kelham]

Certified Copy - Emma Theedom

Emma Theedom is an alumni from colchester School Of Art working in photography as well as painting and digital art.

"Theedom embraces the act of appropriation with major influence from the poignant Pablo Picasso quote, 'Good artists copy, Great artists steal'. Exploring the history of art, Theedom recreates classics using her attention to detail combined with a contemporary twist, relying on digital photography to produce her works. Alternatively, she also juxtaposes the old and new, merging imagery from the Renaissance era with that of real-life situations of the modern day. Using scale and enhancing colour and tone, she is able to dramatise the atmosphere of each work, making the viewer feel enveloped by the piece." [Artist & Writer, Heidi Rose Sharp]

Curating Emma Theedom's show was more tricky than what I had expected. I did this in partnership with Jonathan. I started planning the show by going through Emma's photos that she had sent via wetransfer. She is the kind of artist who can produce work in large quantity with high quality, so there was more than enough to choose from. I decided to be selective by selecting a series of work and curating them in different ways. Jonathan sent me two websites to get inspiration from, see below.

I then arrange the different series of with different apps and the one that I was the most pleased with was the series which scrolled as you scrolled down the page.

After a long time of arranging and rearrange, Jonathan got impatient and change quite a lot of the show, which did look very good and he didn't take away what I had selected but I wasn't quite happy with how he had done it. I called in a meeting and told him how I felt about it and we agreed to communicate better in the future. With that said, the show look better in the way that it was more elegant and neat and very repetitive, which was one of the aspects we wanted to communicate. I then did a professional interview with Emma Theedom which gives a short but precise overview off what kind of artist she is. I also got Heidi Sharp to write a brief piece of writing of her work which we included both in the show as well as in the press release.

See link to view the show -

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