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Courage Calls To Courage Everywhere

The Making Of Millicent Fawcett Statue in Parlement Square By Turner Prize Winner Gillian Wearing.


On the 9th of Nov. at Firstsite an exhibition by Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing had its private view, where the galleries Director Sally Shaw made a welcome speech. Shaw herself was invited on the board to decide who the artist should be to make the statue.

Millicent Fawcett was a Suffragist, which is different from being a Suffragette.

The Exhibition

Millicent Fawcett was a Suffragist, which is different from being a Suffragette. "In 1866, a group of women organised a petition that demanded that women should have the same political rights as men and gathered over 1500 signatures in support of the cause."( They where the suffragist and the suffragettes, who eventually gain the vote for women in 1918 were, would be described as; "From the perspective of some campaigners, the suffragists failed to achieve votes for women by peaceful, ‘respectable’ methods. Many disillusioned women began to advocate a more militant approach. These groups became known as the suffragettes, and they adopted the motto 'Deeds not Words'."(

This exhibition is showing the making of the sculpture of Millicent Fawcett for Parlament Square. Gillian Wearing designed and created the statue within a year and she is the first female to make a sculpture for Parlement Square as the statue is the first woman in Parlement square.

So, the exhibition is more of a documentation of the making of the statue. It shows maquette of the statue, it shows the 3D printed version of the statue, it shows the model of the shoes, the head and the hands, it contains an audio recording of an interview so that the visitors can understand the reason behind the making and the shows us the sign "Courage Calls To Courage Everywhere".

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