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Slit-Scan Series
Slit-scan was an experiment hacking into an analogue camera to create a distorted image of two people. 
In this work, I focus on the feminist subject of gender (in)equality, as an attempt to distort the current order of the division of genders through the use of slit-scan photography. Slit-scan is a photographic hack, which was used to decide the exact order of the arrival at the finish line in a race. I, on the other hand, have used it as a documentation of firstly a man stripping to his underwear and then a woman in her underwear dressing in his dropped clothes. This is to show the difference between man and woman pure physically but also to show that we can fit into each other's places and be equal at the same time.   
The series below is showing the action the two people partake in the slit-scan process. 
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