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Free Range

UK's Largest Graduate Art, Design and Fashion Show

Here are six out of 14 of us who are planning to exhibit at Free Range. We are here standing in front of the Truman Brewery where Free Range is hosted.

Free Range is a one time in a life opportunity at Brick Lane in London. You have to look like one of us good looking beasts on the photo above to enter.

Raising Money for Free Range Space

The third years from UCC Fine Art went on a trip to London to have a look at the Turner prize nominees work as well as visiting Truman Brewery where Free Range, UK's largest graduate art, design and fashion show is held once a year. We were checking out which space would be most suitable for our year group and luckily we found that the last years third years space was best suited for us as well, which means that we have first dibs on the space so that we can secure it to our show in 2019.

All in all, the trip was successful. We decided to use the space last year of Fine Art had and we now have to raise money in order to afford the space, which is £3360. We are nine students at the moment which means we each have to pay £373.33

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