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Art Fundraising, Art Auction

On the 15th of November The BA Fine Art third years held an art auction to raise money for their show at Free Range

Auction Number Plates by Iris

The Auction was held at The Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester. It took place on the third floor of the pub where gigs and other events normally take place.

We raised about one thousand and five hundred pounds.

Thats was then excluding the cost of the venue, which was £100 plus £70 for sound tech.

The Event Itself

The burlesque actor held our action and now auctioneer, Angelica Bangs. Bangs was probably the best choice for the art auction. She was funny and efficient and kept it professional all the way through the auction.

We should all 49 art pieces and after the auction we shared out all of the raffle art work. We had organised tote bags that Charlotte and Heidi designed and made and sold for a fiver. we had a photographer and an instagrammed for the evening as well as a door person.

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