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The material I used before, ripstop nylon, went slack. I didn't realised this until two day before hand in so I went and bought white fabric, shower curtains and a large roll of tracing paper to try and rectify the screen. The screen looked very unrefined and I also realised that the bit of tracing paper I had put on the screen to make the inside of the space clearer made it look like a screen upon a screen and at the same time unfinished.

The tracing paper I bought wasn't wide enough for the frame I had made and the shower curtains were to short but wide enough. So the last resort was to use the white fabric, which was slightly too wide. I stuck it on with double sided tape so to stretch it on the frame and then I stapled the top and bottom edges of the frame. I covered the overlap of the screen and frame with black electrical tape which gave it a sharp and refined finish.

It now has an innovative outlook, which is clean and soft at the same time.

Curational wise, the suit and fabric and video compliments each other materially as well as conceptually. The bench is there to invite people into the space and the speakers are facing each other so the best position to stand or sit is inside the space.

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